At Full Picture Media Event Productions we are the leaders in virtual event production and we have learned a few tricks along the way. Here are our top 10 tips to producing your best virtual event!

FPM’s Top 10 Virtual Event Tips 

    1. “Let’s Get Virtual”
      • “There are no limits on this type of immersive and innovative event experience- Think BIG”
    2. “On Screen Magic”
      • “Make your event visually appealing with compelling graphics and high quality video”
    3. “Money Matters”
      • “Virtual fundraisers are less expensive to produce. Lower production cost = higher ROI potential”
    4. “Short & Sweet”
      • “People attending virtual events are most-likely attending from home and multi-tasking. Keep your event short and sweet, 90 minutes or less”
    5. “Rely on Wifi? No Way!”
      • “Use a wired internet connection. Poor wifi can ruin any good event”
    6. “Go Team”
      • “Consider hiring an MC or auctioneer to elevate your event. This will add an element of excitement and eliminate stress for internal teams”
    7. “To Infinity and Beyond”
      • “No venues mean no guest counts- Invite everyone! With no limits on attendance there are opportunities to engage with donors and clients”
    8. “To Zoom or Not to Zoom”
      • “Zoom fatigue is real, but it doesn’t need to carry into your event. Consider switching to Vimeo or Youtube by switching the platform the connotation of a digital event is already improved!”
    9. “What Not To Wear”
      • “Look and feel your best by coordinating attire for your on screen team. Remember green and busy patterns are a no go”
    10. “Practice Makes Perfect”
      • “Rehearse with your full crew prior to your event date. Do a tech check as well!”

These are just the top ten virtual event tips and barely scratch the surface of all there is to know when hosting an online event. Think of this as your launchpad to brainstorm and create a checklist of what you might need or want when you are planning for the big show. Remember, if you ever feel overwhelmed not to worry just ask for help – the pros at Full Picture Media Event Productions can handle it!