Swag Bags in the Virtual Era

Now that the Covid-19 pandemic has changed the hospitality industry for the foreseeable future our methods have to evolve! The common practice of gifting swag bags at galas and conferences can no longer be accomplished in the traditional sense but that does not mean the awesome merch and freebies have to be gone for good! Here is a compiled a list of swag bag items that are sure to wow any attendee at your next virtual event. First think of what the goal is when sending out swag. Is it brand awareness? Attendee engagement? A simple thank you? Or perhaps a heartfelt sentiment. All of these messages can be sent with swag!

Brand Awareness 

Brand awareness may be the most popular swag bag category and often consists of notebooks, pens, mugs, t-shirts, or canvas bags! Customize these items with company logos or the logos of your sponsors!

Attendee Engagement

In the new era of virtual events, a popular swag bags are activity boxes that can be used during the gala or conference. Some examples of this are cocktail kits, painting sets, or DIY succulent gardens! These innovative gifts are especially exciting for attendees because they can follow along with a presentation during the event and it breaks up the other speaking portions.

Thank You

Thank you notes never go out of style! Swag doesn’t have to be glamorous. Consider sending a simple thank you note and an attached gift card- it is universal to any attendee and is sure to go over well.

A Heartfelt Sentiment

Give back! Instead of giving swag give the option to donate to a choice of charities instead. This is a great way to eliminate waste and also make an impact!