At Full Picture Media one of our specialties includes producing top tier virtual events and we have learned a few tricks to make our productions outstanding! Our top 10 tips to producing the best virtual event are below:

Full Picture Media’s TOP 10 Virtual Event Tips

  1. “Use your Imagination”
    • “Always think outside of the box! Dream Big! Virtual events should be innovative and imaginative.”
  2. “On Screen Magic”
    • “Incorporate company logos and branding with compelling graphics and high quality video animations to entice audiences.”
  3. “Consider your ROI”
    • “Lower production cost = higher ROI potential. Events that are entirely online can create a huge savings and be cost effective in the long run!”
  4. “Short & Sweet”
    • “Virtual events should be short and sweet, 90 minutes or less. This maximizes the audience’s attention span and doe not require them to commit to a long event”
  5. “Rely on Wifi? No Way!”
    • “Use a wired internet connection. Poor wifi can ruin any good event”
  6. “All about Team Spirit”
    • “Build the best team possible! Hire an MC or auctioneer to elevate your event. This will add an element of excitement and eliminate stress for internal teams”
  7. “No Limits”
    • “Invite everyone! With no limits on attendance due to venue or budget constraints there are opportunities to engage with more donors and clients”
  8. “To Zoom or Not to Zoom”
    • “Zoom fatigue is real, but it doesn’t need to carry into your event. Consider switching platforms and including a gamification element to entice attendees!”
  9. “What Not To Wear”
    • “Look and feel your best by coordinating attire for your on screen team. Remember green and busy patterns are a no go”
  10. “Practice Makes Perfect”
    • “Rehearse with your full crew prior to your event date. Do a tech check as well!”

Our top ten virtual event tips and barely scratch the surface of online event knowledge. Think of this as your launchpad to brainstorm and create a checklist of what you might need or want when you are planning for the big show. Remember, if you ever feel overwhelmed not to worry just ask for help – the pros at Full Picture Media are available to assist!